Fair Trade: How It Works

We get asked a lot about fair-trade, what it means, who certifies us and whether or not it really makes a difference to farmworkers.

In short, fair-trade is about the well-being of the farmworker.  Fair-trade certification brings consumer trust and with that comes positive change for the farmworkers.

As of 2015, Covilli Brand Organics and Agricola Ciari are Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA. In the first three-year phase of certification We have received over $850 dollars in fair-trade premiums, selling our 100% Fair Trade Certified™ products ( and 100% organic!). Our Fair Trade Committee has completed 4 major Fair Trade Community Projects with those funds and are looking ahead to the next three years of projects.

See the full definition of the Fair Trade Agricultural Standard as defined by Fair Trade USA.


 Here is a short and sweet video to give you the full vision and realities of how Fair Trade works and what we mean by Covilli fair-trade……


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