Growing For You

We are now offering Apples, Pears and later this season Oranges, Grapefruits and Green Onions, along with our ‘traditional’ commodities. Whether it’s our own Fair Trade produce or any of the Organic (non-GMO) fruits and vegetables from our partner-growers, we all do things right today, so that we can have a better tomorrow – That’s why buying from Covilli is casting your vote for a better future.


Our Partner Grower:
Briggs & Eggers Orchards – Wilcox, Arizona, USA
Certified Organic by QAI
Grower Profile

Our Mission

Grow high-quality organic vegetables in a sustainable manner, with an ever increasing standard for employee well being, social responsibility, product quality, meaningful service and environmental safeguards, through a robust food safety program for benefit and that of future generations.

Our Vision

Maintain a small family business focus, while offering a diverse line of produce that sets the standard for food safety, quality and organic purity.

We strive for meaningful, fair practices to provide the best for our workers and customers, whilst contributing towards the betterment of our workers by promoting an ethical and sustainable food system.