What Makes Us Great? Our Workers Of Course!

Most importantly this allows the farm workers to take ownership of their future by being able to choose, as a community, how and when to invest the premium and harvest the benefits of the generated revenue, for generations to come.

Buying ANY of Covilli’s Fair Trade products is an easy way to support the hard-working people who grow the products that you love. Only few extra cents per pound, the Fair Trade Premium, will allow for democratically chosen projects to become a reality in our farm worker communities; whether it’s a bus for the High School students, dental services or a multipurpose room, this benefit will bring empowerment through decision making: “what is the best for all of us? And “how can we achieve it?”

We believe that it is through the Fair Trade Premium that we’ll be able to “bring back” the possibility of a more dignified quality of life for our farmworkers and their families – either at their hometowns in southern Mexico or in Sonora – and the fact that it is them who determine what project suits their needs and how and when to implement it is what will bring the much needed empowerment, that Fair Trade so consciously promotes.

About 85% of the produce that is consumed in the U.S. is hand picked in other countries. Buying products labeled as Fair Trade should be seen as a conscious choice by the consumer to support the farm worker through their purchase.


Covilli's Fair Trade Community Projects

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Our cost as consumers is minimal when supporting Fair Trade… it’s literally pennies on the dollar for a pound of veggies, yet the impact that these Premiums have on hundreds of lives, is immense.

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