Growing Quality by Tradition

Covilli Brand Organics creates awesome goodness, from seed to shelf. From our home in the fertile Empalme Valley, to our warehouse in Nogales, we grow organic, non-GMO, fair trade produce that’s as good for your body as it is for our planet.

When you buy from Covilli, you’re becoming part of a family tradition of quality and integrity that goes back over two decades. From our founder’s decision to go the organic way, (convinced THAT was the best way) in the early 90s, until now, we’ve been leading the way in the organic community. We’re a 2nd generation family owned and operated farm, food safety and organic certified.

And we don’t just treat our earth right and get nutrient filled veggies in return, we support our workers and our community! Our Fair Trade certification means that our farm-workers are treated in a dignified manner, earn fair wages and have access to means that improve their quality of life. If that wasn’t enough, when you buy Covilli’s certified produce, the fairtrade premium goes directly to uplift their communities, empowers workers, and makes the world a better place.

Want to try some of our products? Great, we want you to, too! Check out our tasty products page to see what we’re growing, and check out our contact page to see where you can buy delicious Covilli amazingness. We’re excited to have you be part of our family, and we know that once you try Covilli, you won’t go back.

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