Charred Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Charred Jalapeno Hot Sauce

makes ½ l


400 g jalapenos
5 ml grape seed oil

200 g water
100 g white wine vinegar
20 g cilantro, stems removed
75 g sugar, raw organic
10 g garlic, whole
10 g lemon juice, fresh
3 g cumin, toasted and ground
Pinch salt, kosher
2 g xanthan gum (optional)



Heat your grill to medium heat.
Toss the jalapenos with the oil until lightly coated. Place over a medium heat grill until the jalapenos are charred on all sides. Remove the jalapeno stem and as much of the char as you desire. You may also remove the inner seeds and ribs if you want a more mild hot sauce.
Place the jalapenos into a blender with the remaining ingredients. Puree on high for at least 1 minute until smooth. You may add the xanthan gum at the end while pureeing on low speed to incorporate it. This will thicken the sauce but is not required.
Place into a bottle and chill.


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