Butternut Squash Pot De Crème

Butternut Squash Pot De Crème

makes 6-8



1.4 kg butternut squash, 1 each

100 ml water

500 ml heavy cream

225 g butternut squash puree

(prepared above)

125 g sugar, raw organic

100 g egg yolks

Pinch, salt

½ vanilla bean, seeds only

200 ml heavy cream,


fresh berries(optional)



Preheat oven to 180 Degrees C.

Slice the butternut squash in ½ long ways.  Place flat slice down into a baking dish and pour the water into the dish.  Cover the dish with foil and bake in the oven for 1 hour 10 minutes.

Remove from the oven and carefully remove the foil.  Let the squash cool until it is easier to work with.

Remove the seeds.  Then scape out the flesh and discard the skins.  Use a blender to puree the flesh until smooth.  Pass through a tamis if desired.

Reserve the steamed and pureed butternut squash for later.

Add cream and 100 g sugar to a sauce pan and bring to a simmer.  Meanwhile whisk the remaining 25 g sugar with the egg yolks until they become a pale yellow color.

Once the cream is at a simmer. Pour a ladle at a time into the yolks while still whisking.  This will temper the yolks and keep them from lumping.

Once you have more than ½ the cream added you can pour the egg yolk mixture into the sauce pot of cream and sugar.  Whisk together.

Add 225 g of the prepared butternut squash, vanilla bean seeds and salt to the mixture and return to medium heat.  Using a wooden spoon stir the mixture until it begins to thicken.  The mixture should thicken enough to coat the back of the spoon and hold its shape when you pass you finger through it.

Once thick enough transfer the mixture to a blender and puree again until very smooth.  Portion the mixture into serving glasses and chill.  You can serve with whipped cream if desired.




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